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Analysis of narratives has been central to many disciplines. Recent work has moved from an isolated focus on linguistic construction of narrative textuality to the situated discourse practices of narrative tellings and retellings, including semiotic remediations (whether shifts in material, embodied performance or across media—from talk to text to film to video game). In meetings led by the organizers, participants, and invited visitors, this reading group will explore multidisciplinary approaches to narrative discourse practice. Contact: Paul Prior (pprior@illinois.edu).



Alexandra Cavallero (Ph.D. student, Department of English; cavalla1@illinois.edu)
Julie Hengst (Associate Professor, Department of Speech and Hearing Science; hengst@illinois.edu)
Michele Koven (Associate Professor, Department of Communication; mkoven@illinois.edu)
Andrea Olinger (Ph.D. student, Department of English; olinger3@illinois.edu)
Paul Prior  (Professor, Department of English and Center for Writing Studies; pprior@illinois.edu)

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