The Center for Writing Studies

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Staircase and window in the English Building


The work for the Center for Writing Studies is directed by three committees:

Graduate Programs Committee:

Dale Bauer
Anne Haas Dyson
Martin Camargo
Alexandra Cavallaro
Cara Finnegan
Maggie Kainulainen
Sarah McCarthey
Tom McNamara
Elizabeth Morley
Peter Mortensen
Andrea Olinger
Cathy Prendergast
Kelly Ritter
Lindsay Russell
Randall Sadler
Spencer Schaffner
Carol Tilley

Executive Committee:

Michael Rothberg
Spencer Schaffner
Sarah McCarthey
Cara Finnegan

Campuswide Advisory Committee:

Adrian Burgos (History)
Anne-Burkus Chasson (Art and Design)
Bruce Erickson (English-BTW)
Janice Harrington (English)
Michael Loui (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Lori Mestre (Library)
Elizabeth Morley (CWS)
Ned O'Gorman (Communication)
Randall Sadler (Linguistics)
Steve Petruzzelo (Kinesiology)
John Popovics (CEE)
Yvonne Gonzales Redman (Voice)
Shelly Schmidt (Food Science and Nutrition)
Alexandra Cavallaro
Andrea Olinger