The Center for Writing Studies

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Staircase and window in the English Building


The work for the Center for Writing Studies is directed by three committees:


Executive Committee

Sarah McCarthey (Professor, Education; Interim Head of Curriculum and Instruction)

Cara Finnegan (Professor, Communication)

John Gallagher (Assistant Professor, English, LAS)

Graduate Programs Committee

Paul Prior (Professor, English; Director, Center for Writing Studies)

Andrew Bowman (Graduate student, English)

Catherine Prendergast (Professor, English)

John Gallagher (Assistant Professor, English, LAS)

Carol Tilley (Associate Professor, I-School)

Cara Finnegan (Professor, Communication Communication

Bri Lafond (Graduate student, English)

Anne Dyson (Professor, Education Policy, Organization and Leadership

David Cisneros (Associate Professor, Communication)

Carolyn Wisniewski (Director, Writers Workshop, Center for Writing Studies)

Campuswide Advisory Committee

David Cisneros (Associate Professor, Communication)

Liv Thorstensson Davila (Assistant Professor, Education Policy, Organization and Leadership, Education)

Bruce Erickson (Director of Programs in Professional Writing, Department of English, LAS)

John Gallagher (Assistant Professor, English, LAS)

Rebecca Ginsburg (Associate Professor, Education Policy, Organization and Leadership, Education Justice Program, Education)

Grace Giorgio (Course Director of Communication, Communication, LAS)

Janice Harrington (Professor, Department of English, LAS)

Julie Hengst (Associate Professor, Speech and Hearing Sciences, AHS)

Brian Johnson (Professor, Journalism, CoM)

Kari Keating (Teaching Associate, Agricultural Leadership Education, ACES)

Dana Kinzy (Interim Associate Director, Undergraduate Rhetoric Program, Department of English, LAS)

John Popovics (Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, COE)

Lisa Rosenthal (Associate Professor of Art History, School of Art and Design, FAA)

Randall Sadler (Associate Professor, Linguistics; Director, ESL Programs, LAS)

Paul Prior (Director, Center for Writing Studies, Professor, English, LAS)

Carolyn Wisniewski (Center for Writing Studies, Director, Writers Workshop, LAS)

Julie Zilles (Research Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Engineering)