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Ph.D. Degree

Program Requirements for the Center

Graduate students may elect to pursue a concentration in Writing Studies at the PhD level. In order to plan their graduate concentration, students should identify a faculty advisor in their own department and set up a meeting to discuss their program of concentration with the CWS Director. There is no formal admission into the concentration, though students must formally petition to add the concentration through the graduate college. In addition to fulfilling the degree requirements of their home department, students need to complete a minimum of 24 credits of graduate work in Writing Studies that include the following requirements:

Concentration Requirements

Course Requirements:

Additional Requirements:

For the most up-to-date requirements for the Ph.D. concentration, please see the Academic Catalog.

In addition to the current core courses (English 505/CI 563; English 582/CI 565), the following courses illustrate current offerings that the CWS Graduate Programs Committee would consider for approval:

English Department

ENGL 482 Writing and Technology
ENGL 583/C&I566 Topics in Writing Pedagogy and Program Design
ENGL 584/C&I569 Topics in Discourse and Writing Studies


CMN 529 Seminar in Speech Communication
CMN 538 Seminar in Rhetorical Theory

English as an International Language

EIL 587 Topics in Second Language Studies


CI 507 Prob Trends in Spec Fields: Feminist & Critical Pedagogies
CI 560 Research and Trends of the Language Arts Curriculum
CI 561 Theory & Practice in Children’s Composition
CI 562 Linguistics and the School Curriculum
CI 590 Sem for Adv Stu of Education: Evaluation of Informal Technologies

Gender and Women’s Studies

GWS 501 Feminist Scholarship in the Humanities: Theory & Method

Department Requirements

Students must also fulfill requirements from their home departments.