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Methodology Course Requirement Policy

At the meeting of the Graduate Program Committee (GPC) of the Center for Writing Studies (CWS) on December 9, 2009, the committee discussed ways of 1) allowing students to select methodology courses tailored to their specific areas of study while maintaining a core focus on methods specific to the field of writing studies; 2) providing for efficient, consistent, and coherent review of proposals that a course be approved for this requirement; and 3) maintaining GPC oversight and control of the approval process. Based on this discussion, the committee approves the following policy and associated understandings.

1) For the research requirement in the CWS Writing Studies graduate concentration of two methodology courses, students must take at least one English 582/Curriculum and Instruction 565 course. The second methodology course may come from a list of other methodology courses approved by the CWS Graduate Program Committee.

The currently approved courses are:

CMN 529 Ethnographic Research Methods (Peggy Miller)

CI 562 Linguistics in the School Curriculum  (Sarah McCarthey)

CI 580 Qualitative Research in Language & Literacy Education (Anne Dyson)

2) In order to ensure efficient review, the GPC delegates to the Director of CWS or his/her designee the authority to review and approve methodology courses at the request of students or faculty with the following understanding:

a) Methodology courses should

b) At each meeting of the GPC, the Director of CWS will report what courses have been approved or rejected since the last meeting so that the GPC can maintain oversight over the approval process.

c) In the event that the Director of CWS or his/her designee rejects a course, a student or faculty member may appeal that decision by providing a written petition to the Director along with supporting materials. Such petitions may be accepted by the Director. If the Director does not approve the course in light of the petition, the Director will then at the first opportunity bring the petition to the GPC for committee review.

d) The Director of CWS will ensure that these policies and an updated list of approved courses are maintained in a timely fashion on the CWS website so that students and faculty may consult them.

e) The GPC retains its authority over methodology course approvals, approves this policy as an implementation of that authority, and may modify this policy at any point in the future.