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Center Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Handouts

Seminar Handouts

The following links provide handouts frequently used during the WAC Introductory Seminars.

WAC Overview
Writing to Learn
Writing Assignments
Response to Writing

WAC Overview

WAC Facts and Fictions [web] [pdf]

WAC Key Notions [web] [pdf]

WAC Programs at UIUC [web] [pdf]

WAC Writing Tasks [web] [pdf]

Writing to Learn

Connecting Writing to Reading [web] [pdf]

Connecting Writing to Speaking [web] [pdf]

Shaping Student Writing [web] [pdf]

Using Writing in Projects [web] [pdf]

Using Writing to Manage Class Work [web] [pdf]

Writing Assignments

Characteristics of a Good Assignment [web] [pdf]

Constructing Assignments [web] [pdf]

Goals of a Writing Assignment [web] [pdf]

Guidelines for Writing Assignments [web] [pdf]

Imaginative Writing Assignments [web] [pdf]

Questions for Analyzing a Writing Task [web] [pdf]

Pitfalls in Writing Assignments [web] [pdf]

Sequencing of Assignments [web] [pdf]

Writing Summaries [web] [pdf]

Response to Writing

Guidelines for Peer Response Groups [web] [pdf]

Peer Review Handout [web] [pdf]

Responding to Writing [web] [pdf]

Responding to Writing: Contexts and Strategies [web] [pdf]