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Gail Hawisher

Gail HawisherGail E. Hawisher is Professor Emeritus of English and was Founding Director of the Center for Writing Studies (1990) and the National Writing Project site (2007) at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

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Professor Hawisher's published work primarily looks at the relations among new literacies and new technologies. Along with other publications, it includes the co-edited collections Critical Perspectives on Computers and Composition Instruction (Teachers College Press, 1989), On Literacy and its Teaching (SUNY, 1990), Evolving Perspectives on Computers and Composition Studies (NCTE, 1991), and Re-Imagining Computers and Composition: Teaching and Research in the Virtual Age (Heinemann, 1992). She is also co-author of Computers and the Teaching of Writing In American Higher Education: A History (Ablex, 1996) and Literate Lives in the Information Age: Narratives of Literacy from the United States (Erlbaum/Routledge, 2004), both aimed at exploring what we’re about as researchers, students, teachers, and scholars of digital writing studies.

Her work has appeared in College Composition and Communication, Research in the Teaching of English, the English Journal, the Journal of Business and Technical Communication, Written Communication, MLA’s Profession, and College English, among other journals. See, for example, "Globalism and Multimodality in a Digitized World" published in the 2010 anniversary issue of Pedagogy, a journal of Duke University Press. In addition, various anthologies include chapters, such as “Globalization, Guanxi, and Agency” (SIU Press, 2010), "Literacies and the Complexities of the Global Digital Divide" (Elsevier, 2006), "Women and the Global Ecology of Digital Literacies" (Erlbaum/Routledge, 2007), and "Exceeding the Bounds of the Interview" (SIU Press, 2012) that extend her research into issues related to digital media and literate activity abroad. She has also had the honor of presenting her work to colleagues around the world in Australia, People’s Republic of China, New Zealand, Greece, Canada, Japan, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Russia, France, Brazil, Norway, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

With Cynthia Selfe, she continues to edit the international Computers and Composition Digital Press (CCDP), an imprint of Utah State University Press. She is proud to have been the co-editor of three different series with NCTE, Ablex, and Hampton Press, which have contributed to the field since 1989 over 35 scholarly books. Other publications include her co-edited Global Literacies and the World Wide Web (Routledge, 2000), Gaming Lives in the 21st Century: Literate Connections (Palgrave, 2007), and Passions, Pedagogies, and 21st Century Technologies (USUP, 1999), which won the Distinguished Book Award at Computers and Writing 2000. Coauthored with Patrick Berry and Cynthia Selfe, her born digital Transnational Literate Lives in Digital Times was published in 2012 by Utah State University Press.


In 2000, she was honored to receive the Robert Schneider Award for Outstanding Teaching and Service from the Department of English at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Her university has also awarded her the Lynn M. Martin Award for Distinguished Women Faculty, the Campuswide Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (2004) and the University Distinguished Teacher/Scholar Award (2005). CCDP and its books have also been recognized for excellence on several occasions, receiving most recently the Conference on College Composition and Communication 2013 Research Impact and Advancement of Knowledge Awards for Hawisher and her coauthors' Transnational Literate Lives in Digital Times.