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Melissa Littlefield

Melissa Littlefield

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102D English


Feminist Science Studies, Science Fiction, Critical Theory, Feminist Theory


Science and Literature, Feminist Science Studies, Science Fiction, Technology and Modernity, Body Studies


Technologies of Truth: The Embodiment of Deception Detection (under contract University of Washington Press)

"Matter for Thought: The Psychon in Neurology, Psychology and American Culture, 1927-1943" (forthcoming in a book collection on Neurology and Modernity)

"Technology and Representation." Science, Technology and Society. New York: Oxford University Press, 2005. 463-469.

Squier, Susan and Melissa Littlefield, eds. Special issue of Feminist Theory on the topic of "Feminist Theory and/of Science," 5:2 (2004). Co-author, with Susan Squier, "Introduction." 123-126.

Work in Progress

Book project on facial reconstruction in American culture, physiology and forensics.

"The Evolution of Forensic Art: Cops, Composite Artists and the Forensic Imagination"

"'An American Flag with Great Gams'": Wonder Woman's Post-9/11 Diplomacy"