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Center Graduate Students: Thomas McNamara

Thomas McNamaraThomas McNamara is a Ph.D. student in the Center for Writing Studies in the English Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Contact Information

315 English Building | MC-718

Biographical Statement

I am a PhD Candidate with the Center for Writing Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where I have taught undergraduate writing, worked in the writing center, and served as Digital Literacies Coordinator for the Undergraduate Rhetoric Program. Before beginning my PhD at Illinois is 2011, I worked as an administrator in the University Center for Writing-based Learning at DePaul University, where I also taught first-year writing.

My research interests include basic and multilingual writers, linguistic diversity, critical race theory, writing centers, and campus internationalization. My dissertation, “Dreams and Disappointments: Chinese Undergraduates and Investment in the US Writing Classroom,” studies the language learning of Chinese undergraduates at the University of Illinois, currently the largest enroller of Chinese international students nationally.

I currently have two articles under review. “Consumption in the Classroom: Chinese Undergraduates, Race, and Writing Instruction in the Global University” draws on material from my dissertation. “Standard English on Global Turf: Contesting Monolingualism at the International University” is cowritten with Yu-Kyung Kang and studies tutorials with Chinese and South Korean students at our university’s writing center.

Research Interests

Race and Literacy, citizenship, multilingual literacies, African American studies, Asian American studies, writing center and composition pedagogy.

Courses Taught

At Illinois:

At DePaul:

Administrative Appointments

Digital Literacies Coordinator, University of Illinois Undergraduate Rhetoric Program

Technology Coordinator, University of Illinois Writing Project

Writing Groups Coordinator, DePaul University Center for Writing-based Learning