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Brownbag Series


Faculty and graduate students are invited each academic year to participate in the Research-in-Progress Brownbag series. The series began in 2004 with CWS core faculty invited to discuss their current projects. Over the years it has expanded to include informal presentations by affiliated faculty, graduate students, visiting scholars, and other faculty members from across campus.

Brownbags run for 50 minutes to an hour, including a question and answer session.

For the schedule of brownbag speakers, please see the Center calendar. For the archive of previous brownbag talks, see the past speakers page.

Spring 2020

Brownbags take place from 1.00p-1.00p in Lincoln Hall 1066.

January 29

John Gallagher, "Update Culture and the Afterlife of Digital Writing"

What kinds of activities do writers engage after they publish and while their texts circulate? English Assistant Professor John Gallagher will discuss these activities as a preview of his new book, Update Culture and the Afterlife of Digital Writing. He will also talk about the process of shepherding a book into print and the various activities that entails.

February 26

Evin Groundwater, Hannah Harris, and Carrie James, "Multimodal Pedagogies"

How can multimodal pedagogies be implemented in different classroom spaces? In this panel conversation, current and past instructors of Informatics / Writing Studies 303: Writing Across Media, will discuss their approaches to multimodal pedagogy and how they've applied their WAM experiences across different instructional spaces.

March 4

Idalia Nuñez Cortez, Giselle Martinez Negrette, and Monica Gonzalez Ybarra, "Emerging Trends in Bilingual Education"

In this brownbag, Curriculum & Instruction Assistant Professors Idalia Nuñez Cortez, Giselle Martinez Negrette, and Monica Gonzalez Ybarra will share with attendees snapshots of their current research.

April 15