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Brownbag Series


Faculty and graduate students are invited each academic year to participate in the Research-in-Progress Brownbag series. The series began in 2004 with CWS core faculty invited to discuss their current projects. Over the years it has expanded to include informal presentations by affiliated faculty, graduate students, visiting scholars, and other faculty members from across campus.

Brownbags run for one hour, including a question and answer session.

For the schedule of brownbag speakers, please see the Center calendar. For the archive of previous brownbag talks, see the past speakers page.


Fall 2014

All lunches are from 12-1 in English Building 228 - we're excited to see you this fall!


September 17 - Writing Across Media





Join us as we kick off the 2014-2015 CWS Brown Bag series! Katrina Kennett will talk about how the Writing Across Media course started and has evolved, current instructors George Boone and Eileen Lagman will share their course visions and projects, and we will talk about future directions. If you're interested in composing in various media, or are curious about teaching WAM someday, stop on by! WAM website.





October 1 - John Gallagher



Our second Brown Bag lunch will be hosted by John Gallagher, a recent addition to the English Department:

Audience Emerging: Web 2.0 Audiences as an Ongoing Process

In this presentation, I summarize the findings of my dissertation and present on one of the project's case studies which describes a process called "audience emerging." Audience emerging shows us the relationship between Ede and Lunsford's canonical terms addressed and invoked, an unexplored avenue. Understanding the nature of this oscillating relationship situates writer awareness of audience as an emerging, recursive process, much like other elements in the writing process. Through my participant's story of a murder at a community food cooperative, this concept encourages writers, and those who study writing, to re-think audience not only as future readers to be considered at one point in composing, but as readers constantly shifting in an on-going cycle of circulation and distribution.



October 15 - Anna Smith





Anna Smith will join us on October 15th.








November 12 - Eric Pritchard






Eric Pritchard will be speaking on November 12th.