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Sharon Crowley

Name: Sharon Crowley

Presentation Title: "What Lies Ahead?" University Employment in the 21st Century"

Date: April 18, 2002


What do today's graduate students have to look forward to as they plan their job searches? American universities have recently adopted a corporate administrative style. This new style of administration, engendered in part by the need to find new sources of funding, has created a new kind of university that differs greatly from the pastoral model which estill exists in some faculty and students' imaginations. Bill Readings called this new kind of institution "The University of Excellence," but it is more familiarly known as "the corporate university." The emergence of the corporate university has brought great changes to faculty employment patterns and will soon engender other, new, kinds of faculty positions in American universities and colleges. In this talk, Sharon Crowley reviews the changes in the conditions of faculty employment brought about by the mergence of the "University of Excellence" and considers as well the effects of the entrepreneurial style of university administration on the quality of teaching and research.