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Barbara Ganley

Name: Barbara Ganley, Professor, English, Middlebury College

Presentation Title: "Balancing Act: Transformations and Tensions in the 21st-Century Classroom"

Date: November 2, 2006


As teachers in this time of complex, rapid change, we struggle to find a balance between the traditional demands of our disciplines and the new demands of preparing our students for citizenship in a networked world. How do we stay true to our roots while considering new literacies necessary for highly adaptive, creative citizens skilled at collaboration? How do we sift through the baffling array of emerging pedagogies and their accompanying tools when we are already strapped for time? By looking closely at one writing teacher's five-year journey into new approaches to teaching and learning through blogs, wikis and Web 2.0 technologies, we will explore the transformations that result from integrating these tools into the very heart of our practice.

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