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Cheryl Glenn

Name: Cheryl Glenn, Penn State University

Presentation Title: "At the Intersection of Feminism and Rhetoric: The Un/Spoken"

Date: February 22, 2007


I am using this invitation to talk about my work in rhetoric, the ways it has been influenced by various theoretical positions, particularly gender studies. As a feminist historiographer, I've spent a good deal of my career emphasizing the contributions of women to the rhetorical tradition, but, like the feminist project itself, my research agenda has moved beyond its primary work of recovering women|to seek out the rhetorical power of "others" and rhetorical displays that are delivered in "other" ways. This trajectory is the subject of my remarks: "At the Intersection of Feminism and Rhetoric: The Un/Spoken" signifies the overlap in two of my scholarly projects, both of which carry forward my
feminist historiographic research agenda at the same time that they honor my commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.