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Johndan Johnson-Eilola

Name: Johndan Johnson-Eilola, Clarkson University

Presentation Title: "Stutter Things: Composing Time, Space, and Text in the Datacloud"

Date: September 18, 2003


The term "text" seems in danger of catching up with its postmodern usage, where any discursive situation becomes a text tot read, resist, revise, and palce under erasure. But our idea of what counts as "writing" remains, too frequently, bound to traditional sorts of texts: novels, user manusals, letters, essays. Although hypertext and experimental fiction, among other genres, have challenged some of the ground rules of textuality, Professor Johnson-Eilola will look at a wider range of media in order to think about how we might rearticulate textuality in ways appropriate to comtemporary culture. Oscillating between "text" and other media, he will work through analyses of avant garde and experimental music (ranging from the loop work of Steve Reich to the Parking Lot Experiment of the Flaming Lips) to turntablism (including work by DJ Qbert and CUT Chemist) to construct new methods for thinking about textual production, consumption, and articulation.