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Kathleen Blake Yancey

Name: Kathleen Blake Yancey, Clemson University

Presentation Title: "Reading across Sites of Learning: Technology, Medium Plural, and New Writing PRactices--and What They (Might) Mean for Composition(ists)"

Date: February 12, 2004


In 2000-2001, I conducted two case studies of graduate students in architecture who were working out the particulars fo their projects, one an inquiry architecture as prosthesis, another a design for a mobile archtecture used for disaster situations. In 2003 we worked with hundreds of students--and interveiwed over 100 of them--in our work with digital porfolios. In 2003, I taught a course titled Studio Composition and Communication, which used Bolter's concept of remediation as a key term for practice and theory. In 2004, we opened our Pearce Center Studio for Student Composition, a site for all communication activities where (undergraduate) students and I are engaging in a communal authorship unlike any I have experienced before: instead of my responding to their texts, they are revising mine.

Together, these experiences speak to new compositional practices and spaces and raise provocative questions about identity--for us as well as for our students.