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Charles Bazerman

Name: Charles Bazerman, University of California at Santa Barbara

Presentation Title: "The Many Dimensions of Writing Research"

Date: March 28, 2006


Writing is an historically emerged social and technological phenomenon that challenges our human capabilities and has deep impact on our thoughts and identity. Institutions of schooling, knowledge, self-development, and social organization have been built upon it, while it has affected almost all other major human institutions. As such many disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, life sciences, and even physical sciences have had an interest in writing.

Gathering together all we know about writing and projecting lines of future inquiry require a broad and deep look into what many diciplines have to offer. Towards that end, I will give an overview of the Handbook of Writing Research (Erlbaum 2007), which I am currently editing. The volume reviews research on writing from anthropological, sociological, historical, cultural, organizational, educational, developmental, psychological, cognitive, biomedical, linguistic, perspectives.