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Rebecca Savage Bilbro

Name: Rebecca Savage Bilbro, English Department

Presentation Title: "Engineering Text"

Date: December 3, 2009


Situated in an on-going investigation of disciplinarity and enculturation in the U of I's College of Engineering, this talk weaves together many mysterious texts--from the field of Engineering to the literary canon, from the mundane to the strange, from mediated discourse analysis to actant-rhizome theory. In so doing, the speaker presses her audience to reconceptualize 'discipline' as something more fluid. The talk will be of special interest to scholars probing issues of identity, canonicity, race, and gender, as well as those forging hybrids of ANT methods (e.g. those of Latour, Callon, Law) and CHAT approaches (e.g. from Engeström, Cole, Wertsch, Russell, etc) to discourse, text, and activity analysis.