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Colloquia Series


Thanks to the help of our friends in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, a few of the more recent colloquium talks are available as streaming audio files. These are best listened to with RealPlayer. Abstracts of other talks are available.

Archived Speakers

Symposia Speakers

Event Presenters

Race, Translanguaging, and Language Ideologies Across the Lifespan







Laura Gonzalez, University of Florida

Technological Innovation through Language and Community Engagement (Video)

Ramon Antonío Martínez, Stanford University

Recognizing (and Not Recognizing) the Richness of Children's Translingual Repertoires: A Raciolinguistic Perspective on Translanguaging and Racialized Students (Video)

Circulation and Mobility Symposium




Laurie Gries, University of Colorado-Boulder

New Materialist Autobiography: A Multi-Sensory Approach for Studying Rhetorical Entanglements and the Ontology of Becoming (Video pt. i and Video pt. ii)

Brice Nordquist, Syracuse University

Literacy, Mobility, and Nonscalability (Video pt. i and Video pt. ii)


Social Justice Education Symposium




Invited keynotes:

Mariana Souto-Manning, Teachers' College, Columbia University

Reading, Writing and Talk: Inclusive Teaching Strategies for Diverse Learners

Maisha Winn, UC Davis

Paradigm-Shifting for Justice in Education: Four Pedagogical Stances


Panel of local educators:

GEO Solidarity Committee

Solidarity: Meaning, Actions and Challenges

Carolyn Randolph

Cultivating Social Justice Using the Media

Bert Stabler, CAVE Coordinator

EJP and the Community Anti-violence Education Program

Nathan Stephens, BNAACC Director

BNAACC and the African Diaspora

Video: Part One, Part Two

Trans {language, literacies, modal, national}: A Prefix to Unfix Theory Research and Practice





Dylan Dryer, University of Maine

The State of the Prefix: Two Considerations, Three Examples, and Four Proposals

Jody Shipka, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Transmodality and the Multipart Rhetorical Event: An Illustration, A Proposition.

Panel A:

Mark Pacheco, Illinois State University

A Pedagogy of the Possible: Translanguaging in the "English-Only" Classroom Community of Practice

Nathan Phillips, University of Illinois, Chicago

Transdisciplinary Tensions in Tracing Youth Transliteracies: An Exploration of Research/Practice

Natalia Smirnov, Northwestern

Transliterate Engagements: Infrastructuring Civic and Language Practices across Contexts and Time

Panel B:

Anna Smith, Illinois State University

Objects in (cyber)Space: Engaging in Transliteracies Inquiry into the Elasticity of “Likeness”

Steve Fraiberg

Inventing the World Grant University: Tracing Transliteracies of Transnational Students Across Global Eduscapes



Inaugural Symposium



Jonathan Alexander

"Writing Youth: Young Adult Fiction as Literacy Sponsorship"

Deborah Brandt

"Toward and Understanding of Writing-Driven Literacy"






Colloquia Speakers

Speaker Title Date Abstract Audio/Video
Jonathan Alexander "Composing Virtuality: A Genealogy from A Rebours to Avatar" 9-29-2011 yes yes
Chris M. Anson "Responding to the Unexpected: What Happens When We Read Students' Writing?" 10-31-1997 yes no
Damián Baca “The Codex, the Pictograph, and the Letter: Chicana/o Scripts for the 21st Century” 9-10-2009 yes no
Anne Balsamo "Designing Culture: Exploring the Theory/Writing/Practice of New Media" 02-18-1999 yes no
Anne Balsamo "Taking Culture Seriously: Interdisciplinary Technology Innovation" 09-14-2006 yes yes
David Bartholomae "What is Composition? And If We Know What That Is, Why Do We Teach It?" 02-16-1994 yes no
Charles Bazerman "The Many Dimensions of Writing Research" 03-28-2006 yes no
Charles Bazerman "Charisma and Communication in Edison's Organizations" 10-30-1997 yes no
Jay David Bolter "The Rhetoric of Electronic Writing" 03-24-1992 yes no
Deborah Brandt "Causes for Literacy in the 20th Century" 04-13-1994 yes no
Lil Brannon "Knowing Our Knowledge: the Phenomenology of Teacher Research" 04-28-1992 yes no
Lillian Bridwell-Bowles "Academic Discourse and Diversity" 10-13-1993 yes no
Linda Brodkey "I Site" 11-12-1998 yes no
Collin Gifford Brooke "To Affinity... and Beyond! Rhetoric from a Network Perspective" 03-17-2011 yes no
Ralph Cintron "Can Rhetorical Studies Intersect with Ethnography? A Discussion on Transparency and the Making of Political Life in Chicago, Kosova, and Elsewhere" 11-11-2004 yes yes
Marilyn Cooper "Postmodern Ethics in the Writing Classroom" 02-13-1997 yes no
Sharon Crowley "What Lies Ahead?" University Employment in the 21st Century" 04-18-2002 yes no
Ellen Cushman "An Everyday Fight for US to Get Simple Respect: Institutional Language in an Inner City" 04-16-1998 yes no
Todd DeStigter "Toward a Dialogic Curriculum and a Ministry of Presence: A Professor's Misadventures in an Urban Alternative High School" 09-29-2005 yes yes
Anne DiPardo "Company in the Classroom: Exploring Collaborative Teaching in Traditional and Alternative School Settings" 02-23-1995 yes no
John Duffy "Everyday Rhetoric: Argument, Torture, and National Public Radio" 02-18-2010 yes yes
Jenny Edbauer Rice "Exceptional Subjects: Public Rhetoric and the Topos of Democracy" 11-5-2009 yes yes
Lisa Ede "On Innocence and (Theoretical) Experiences: Reflections on the Writing Process" 04-27-1993 yes no
Lester Faigley "Material Literacy and Visual Design" 09-17-1998 yes no
Margaret Finders "A Class Act: Literacy, Identity, and Popular Culture" 02-26-1998 yes no
Kristie Fleckenstein "When Language Is Not Enough: Vision and Rhetoric in Social Action" 02-12-2009 yes yes
David Fleming "The Power and Peril of Liminality: Freshman English at the University of Wisconsin, 1967-1970" 10-26-2007 yes yes
Tom Fox "Sustained Inquiry in First-Year Composition" 03-06-2003 yes no
Toby Fulwiller "The Politics of Writing Across the Curriculum" 02-18-2002 yes no
Barbara Ganley "Balancing Act: Transformations and Tensions in the 21st-Century Classroom" 11-2-2006 yes yes
Diana George "Witness to Voyeur: A Visual Rhetoric of Execution and the Death Penalty Debates" 09-19-2002 yes yes
Anne Ruggles Gere "(Un)Professional Reading and Writing in Fin de Siecle Women's Clubs" 04-27-1995 yes no
Cheryl Glenn "At the Intersection of Feminism and Rhetoric: The Un/Spoken" 02-22-2007 yes yes
Jeffrey Grabill "Making Things: Rhetoric and Community Change" 10-12-2007 yes yes
Harvey Graff "Lessons from the History of Literacy/Literacy Studies at OSU" 04-21-2005 yes no
Richard Grusin "Premediation" 11-20-2003 yes yes
David Gunkel "What's the Matter with Books?" 10-24-2002 yes yes
Marcelle Haddix "Writing Our Lives: The Power of Radical Youth Literacies and Community Engagement" 04-02-2015 yes yes
Patricia Harken "Teaching Cultural Studies at Purdue: After Jim Berlin" 04-18-1996 yes no
N. Katherine Hayles “Storytelling in the Digital Age: Narrative and Data” 04-07-2005 yes no
Michiko Hikida "Languaging, Race, and (Dis)ability: Structure and Agency in Classroom Interactions" 11-16-2018 yes no
Bruce Horner "Mixing It Up: The Personal in Public Discourse" 04-22-2004 yes yes
Bradley Hughes "It Takes a Village to Raise a Writer: Expanding Visions of Writing Centers" 10-14-1999 yes no
Jordynn Jack "Imitation, Invention, Improvisation: Neurorhetoric and the Creative Brain" 03-06-2014 yes no
Sandra Jamieson "Rereading Student Papers: How Citation Project Research Can Help Us Strengthen Reading and Writing Skills" 09-29-2014 yes no
Susan Jarratt "Feminism and Composition Studies Today: Subjects in Process" 11-14-1996 yes no
Robin Jensen "Fertility in Clinical Time: The Integration of Scientific Specialties as Infirtility Studies" 09-10-2015 yes yes
Johndan Johnson-Eilola "Stutter Things: Composing Time, Space, and Text in the Datacloud" 09-18-2003 yes yes
Mary M. Juzwik "How Religious Faith Complicates Literacy Education for Cosmopolitanism: An Evangelical Christian Writing to Honor God in a Public School Classroom" 10-24-2013 yes no
Fred Kemp "Mutable Texts, Mutable Writers: Classroom Computer Networks and the Revolution in Writing Instruction" 11-10-1993 yes no
Stephanie Kerschbaum "Disability Disclosure, Research Interviewing, and Markers of Difference" 10-152015



Valerie Kinloch "Youth Literacy Practices in Schools and Communities:
Promises and Possibilities"
10-4-2012 yes yes
Gesa Kirsch "Strategic Contemplation and Feminist Rhetorical Inquiry" 03-11-2010 yes no
Gesa Kirsch "Advocacy in the Classroom" 10-10-1997 yes no
Carmen Kynard "I Carry the Eyes of Ida B. Wells': Discourse, Rhetorical Action, and the Power of the Word in the Writing of Black Female College Students" 02-10-2011 yes yes
Bruno Latour "On the Use of Literature for the Understanding of Science: An Example from Pasteur's Writing" 10-11-1994 yes no
Janice Lauer "Composition Studies: A Multi-Modal Discipline" 01-26-1993 yes no
Paul LeBlanc "Sittin' in the Engine or Sleepin' in the Caboose: Technology, Faculty, TAs, and the 'Re-Engineering' of Higher Education" 10-05-1995 yes no
Scott Lyons "Who Lost the Youth of Leech Lake?: American Indians and Mainstream Media" 08-30-2004 yes yes
Harriet Malinowitz "Business, Pleasure, and the Personal Essay" 04-19-2001 yes no
Lev Manovich "Media, New Media, and Metamedia" 04-02-2006 yes no
Richard Miller "The Student as Future Donor: Redefining Service in the Academy's New Economy" 11-01-2001 yes yes
Elizabeth Moje "Writing in the Disciplines: From Evidence-Based Arguments to Navigating Ways with Words" 04-28-2016 yes no
Min-Zhan Lu "Representing the 'Other'" 04-15-1999 yes no
Roxanne Mountford "A Century After the Divorce: Challenges to a Rapprochement Between Speech and English" 11-13-2008 yes yes
Bonnie Nardi "netWORK" 04-20-2000 yes no
Jim Porter "Critical Rhetoric, Public Policy, and Business Development of the World Wide Web" 04-10-1997 yes no
Alisse Portnoy "Imagining the Enemy as Rhetorical Strategy in the U.S. Black Freedom Movement" 10-27-2005 yes no
Jacqueline Jones Royster "Social Circulation and Sojourner Truth's 'Ain't I a Woman' Speech" 04-22-2010 yes no
Jacqueline Jones Royster "Creating a Usable Past: Challenges for Knowledge-Making in the History of African-American Women's Rhetoric" 09-28-2000 yes no
Daniel Perrin "Coming to grips with dynamics and complexity:
Methodological challenges to real-life writing research"
10-25-2012 yes yes
Jeff Rice "Craft Identities" 01-28-2016 yes yes
Trish Roberts-Miller "Reason, Judgment, Certainty, and Other Things That Cause Train Wrecks in Public Deliberation" 09-23-2010 yes no
David Russell "Writing Cannot be Taught, Only Genres: WAC and the Humanities Myth" 02-16-1993 yes no
Blake Scott "Civic Engagement as Risk Management and Public Relations: What the Pharmaceutical Industry Can Teach Us About Service-Learning" 09-21-2006 yes yes
Cynthia Selfe "The Shameful Secret of Literacy and Technology: Racism and Classism in the Guise of Progress" 01-27-1998 yes no
Eileen Schell "The Year of the Locavore: The Rhetoric of the Local Food Movement" 02-07-2008 yes yes
Geoffrey Sirc "The American Action Writers" 02-08-2001 yes no
Brian Street "Academic Literacies 15 Years On: International Perspectives." 4-10-2013 yes no
Patricia Sullivan "Interdisciplinary Methods: Situated Practices" 09-21-1994 yes no
John Swales "It is as Perfect a Representation of Its Genre as can be Presented to the Botanical Public" 02-15-1996 yes no
Peg Syverson "Nailing Jello to a Wave: Crafting a Dissertation Without Losing Your Mind" 02-14-2002 yes yes
Christine Tardy "Creativity, Genre Innovation, and Academic Writing: A Case for Looking Beyond Convention" 10-23-2014 yes yes
Myron Tuman "Vico, the Web, and the 'Barbarism of Reflectin': Speculations on the Origins and Future of Language Study." 10-10-1996 yes no
Victor Villanueva "What next in WAC: A Proposal" 02-10-2000 yes no
Kathleen Welch "Screen Literacy: Ar-Idiot Boy, Aspasis, and Next Rhetoric and Composition Studies" 02-20-2003 yes no
James Wertsch "Rewriting Russia: Memory, History, and Identity in the Former Soviet Union" 11-13-1997 yes no
Scott Wible "Writing Entrepreneurship and Innovation into Rhetoric and Composition Studies" 02-26-2015 yes yes
Maisha T. Winn "Still Writing in Rhythm: Youth Poets at Work" 12-5-2013 yes no
Dorothy Winsor "Using Writing to Negotiate Knowledge and Power" 09-13-2001 yes no
Marjorie Curry Woods "Premodern Teaching Methods in the Postmodern Classroom: Prolegomena to a Textbook" 02-16-2006 yes yes
Anne Wysocki "Seriously Visible: Disigned Readings of Computer-based Interactive Multimedia" 09-30-1999 yes no
Kathleen Yancey "Reading across Sites of Learning: Technology, Medium Plural, and New Writing PRactices--and What They (Might) Mean for Composition(ists)" 02-12-2004 yes no
Xiaoye You "Cosmopolitan English and the Arts of Dwelling Places" 04-18-2013 yes yes
Art Young "The Writing/Thinking Connection" 02-12-1991 yes no
Vershawn Young "Ghetto Memories, From Public Housing to Public Ivy" 10-02-2008 yes no

Graduate Student Research Forum Speakers

Speaker Title Date Abstract Audio
Elizabeth Baldridge "The Socially Incompetent: Learning Disabilities Defined in Relation to Work" 02-03-2005 no no
Jessica Bannon "Adult Basic Education in the 20th Century: Examining the Roots of Federally Funded Adult Education" 11-30-2006 yes no
Hannah Bellwoar "Unofficial Constructions: Bodily Texts and Women's Health" 12-04-2008 yes no
Patrick Berry "Horton and Freire's Road: Theory on the Edge of the Literacy Narrative" 12-04-2008 yes no
Rebecca Bilbro "Engineering Text" 12-03-2009 yes no
Heather Blain "Madness and Methodism: Ways of Knowing in the Early American Republic" 05-03-2012 yes no
Teresa Bruckner "For Office Use Only: Forms and the Workplace" 04-17-2003 yes no
Marcia Buell "Second Language Writers in First Language Settings" 10-18-2001 yes yes
Amber Buck "Tracing Literate Activity on Social Network Sites" 04-29-2010 yes no
Michael Burns "Race, Space, and Rhetoric: Defining Community with Discourse" 04-21-2011 yes no
Amanda Cash "Arthur Bestor and Adult Education in America: 1920-1940" 04-06-2006 yes no
Chelsea Catt "Exploring and Contemplating College in Prison" 11-08-2019 yes yes
Alexandra J. Cavallaro "Fighting 'Textual Harassment': Queer Rhetorical Pedagogies 05-08-2014 yes no
Kory Lawson Ching “Peer Response in the Composition Classroom: An Alternative Genealogy” 11-10-2005 yes no
Dominique Clayton "Black Students' Resistance Against Erasure in Writing Spaces" 04-17-2018 yes no
Sunday Cummins "Examining the Complexities of 'Kidwatching' in a Context for Teacher Inquiry" 04-05-2007 yes no
Debra Domal "What Lies Outside These Virtual Walls: Considering the Impact of Larger Institutional Contexts on the Computer-Mediated Classroom" 09-26-1996 yes no
Sarah Durst "Lifeworld Perspectives on Disciplinary Becoming: Tracing Histories, Writing, and Practice in Science" 04-16-2019 yes yes
Melissa Forbes "Inventing the Virtual Public: The Comment Section Reimagined" 11-19-2015 yes no
Katherine Flowers "Resisting and Rewriting Local English-Only Policies" 04-14-2016 yes no
Steve Fraiberg "English, Israel, and Globalization: A Sociohistoric Study of a Hi-Tech Company" 12-06-2007 yes no
Kathie Gossett "Revisioning Medieval Rhetoric" 11-14-2002 yes yes
Evin Groundwater "Androcentric Counterpublics and the Divergent Archive: Publics, Memory, & Archives" 12-06-2018 yes yes
Sibylle Gruber "Bridging the Gap: Encouraging Multiple Literacies in the Writing Classroom" 12-07-1995 yes no
Kimberly Gunter "The Study of My Familiar: An Insider Looking In?" 03-06-1997 yes no
Helena Hall "Missing the Mark: Conflict of Writing Needs" 10-18-2001 yes yes
Amy Herb "Metaresearch: Revealing Rhetorical and Sociolinguistic Networks in the Archive and Library" 04-10-2008 yes no
Maureen Hogan "Framing, Crisis and the Spectacle of Youth." 03-11-1999 yes no
Cory Holding "Rhetorical Gesture in British Elocutionism: The Case of John Bulwer" 04-29-2010 yes no
John Hudson "What's (Not) In It For Me?: LGBT (In)Visibility in Composition Readers" 04-05-2007 yes no
Maggie Kainulainen "'Awful in Both Senses of the Word': Climate Change Pedagogy and the Ambient Rhetoric of Zoos" 01-30-2014 yes no
Yu-Kyung Kang "Translingual Approaches in the 'Intimate University': Implementing a Korean Single-Language Writing Group" 01-30-2014 yes no
Annie Kelvie "Rituals of Disarticulation: Literate Activity, Social Concerns, and the Progressive Church" 12-01-2016 yes no
Katrina Kennett "Scenes in Sequence: Trajectories of Teachers’ Planning Practices Over Time" 04-12-2017 yes  
Sonia Kline “'I Can’t Write Nothing Down If I Don’t Know How To': Mapping Texts and Contexts in Middle School Online Writing" 02-07-2013 yes no
Eileen Lagman "Heroes, Brains, and Spectral Presences: Accumulating Literacy in the Migration of Skilled Labor." 05-08-2014 yes no
Carrie Lamanna "(De)Constructing Identity: Women, Visual Media, and Personal Narrative" 04-17-2003 yes no
Samantha Looker “Interrogating the ‘Academic’ With Undergraduate Writers” 04-02-2009 yes no
Faye Edwards Maor "Lifting Word by Word: Nineteenth Century African American Women Teaching" 03-18-2004 yes yes
Kaitlin Marks-Dubbs “What’s the Buzz?:Examining Corporations as Institutional Sponsors of Writing in Social Networking Spaces.” 10-17-2013 yes no
Lauren Marshall Bowen "The Literate Lives of Elders" 04-21-2011 yes no
Tom McNamara "'Burning Dollars': Chinese Undergraduates and Investment in the US Writing Classroom" 11-19-2015 yes no
Ligia Mihut “The Party, Ceausescu, Romania: Literacy Education and Ideologized Textbooks in Communist Times (1971-1989)" 10-17-2013 yes no
Young-Kyung Min "Cultures of L1 and L2 Writing Programs: A Disciplinary Division of Labor" 12-06-2007 yes no
Andrea Olinger "Styling Science: A Case Study of Enculturation into Disciplinary Writing Style" 05-02-2013 yes no
Christa Olson “Strategic Incorporations: Indigeneity and the Body of the Nation” 04-02-2009 yes no
Kim Hensley Owens “Rhetorical Labor: Writing, Childbirth, and the Internet” 11-10-2005 yes no
Jim Purdy "Calling off the Hounds: Technology and the Visibility of Plagiarism" 03-18-2004 yes yes
Jenn Raskauskas "'Do You Want to Do ‘Write with Someone?'': Second Graders Writing Themselves into (and out of) Social Relationships" 04-12-2017 yes  
Rashid Robinson "Building a Picture of Success: The Ad Council and The United Negro College Fund’s Ad Campaign, ‘A Mind Is A Terrible Thing to Waste’" 10-21-2004 yes no
Kevin Roozen "Reading the River: Connecting Curricular and Extracurricular Currents of Literate Activity" 10-16-2003 yes yes
Pamela Saunders "The Risky Rhetorical Performance of Autism Disclosure in Higher Education" 04-14-2016 yes no
Jody Shipka "From Corrections to Connections: Engineering Rhetorical Events" 10-16-2003 yes yes
Kaia Simon "'Sneaky'" Literacy: Documents as Authority" 10-01-2016 yes yes
Janine Solberg "Don’t Be Mannish: Early Twentieth-Century Career Advice Books for Women" 10-21-2004 yes no
Julia Smith “Rhetorical MashUP: Technology, Multivocality and Rhetorical Chorus” 05-03-2012 yes no
Jonathan Stone "Inventing Jazz: Jelly Roll Morton and the Sonic Rhetorics of Vernacular Musical Performance” 05-02-2013 yes no
Melissa Tombro "Performance Studies and the Reinvention of 'I' in Rhetoric and Composition: Moving Myself Beyond a Textual Model" 04-10-2008 yes no
Derrek Van Ittersum "Five-Finger Inscription: Tracing the History of Failed Writing Technologies" 04-06-2006 yes no
Amy Wan "Producing Good Citizens: Literacy and Citizenship Training in Anxious Times" 02-03-2005 yes no
Nicole Walls "Composing Our Way to Linguistic Rights: From the United States in the United Nations" 11-30-2006 yes no
Rosalie Warren Yezbick "Shuffling Cards: Baseball Cards as an Evolving Mode of Technical Communication" 11-14-2002 yes yes
Martha Webber "'The Problem is Here, the Time is Now': Research, Reciprocity, and Service" 12-3-2009 yes no
Rebecca Woodard “Creative Writing, Blogging, and Teaching Writing: A Sociocultural Account of Trajectories of Teacher Practice” 02-07-2013 yes no