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Young-Kyung Min

Name: Young-Kyung Min, Curriculum & Instruction

Presentation Title: "Cultures of L1 and L2 Writing Programs: A Disciplinary Division of Labor"

Date: December 6, 2007


My dissertation research examines the cultures of two undergraduate writing programs at Illinois: the English as a Second Language (ESL) writing program designed for international students and the general composition program mainly aimed at native-English-speaking (NES) students. Drawing on the sociocultural approaches of activity theory (Vygotsky, Engstrom) and practice theory (Bourdieu, Lave) that emphasize the importance of understanding literate activity in relation to situated sociocultural contexts in which literacy events occur, my dissertation traces the pathways of the institutional and instructional practices of the two writing programs. Based on data collected for the past three years (field notes, interviews, institutional and instructional documents, and student writing samples), I compare the situated literacy practices of the programs from disciplinary and ideological perspectives.