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Sample Response Sheet: Peer Evaluation

Name of writer:
Name of responder:
Date of response:

Exchange drafts of your papers on Friday. Read the draft and answer the questions below. You will have about 15 minutes in class to discuss your responses.

1) Is the purpose of the experiment clear to you? State it.

2) Does the report match the scientific format? Are all sections present? List them. Is the material in each section appropriate for that section? Note points you're not sure about.

3) Is the methodology clear to you? Briefly summarize it. If you have any questions, what are they?

4) Are the results clearly presented? Briefly summarize them. If you have questions or are confused on any points, what are they?

5) Does the discussion follow from the results and the stated purpose of the experiment? Briefly summarize it. If you have questions or are confused on any points, what are they?

6) Overall, did you find the paper interesting and enjoyable to read? Explain. Suggestions: If you were writing this paper, what would you do next to improve it?

Writer's reflections (After discussing the response, the writer should respond fully to the following sentence. This response sheet should be turned in with your paper.) Considering the written comments and the in-class discussion, I think I should take the following steps to complete the final draft of this paper. (Explain your answer.)