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Center Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Handouts

Sample Response Sheet: Self Evaluation

1) Have you identified the purpose of your research and who would be an interested audience for it? Please state these briefly.

2) What are the key terms involved in your research? How have you defined them operationally?

3) Does your proposal address the following crucial questions on the experimental design? (Answer the questions briefly as you go along.)
• How did you select the measures? Do they fit the purpose of the experiment?
• How did you select groups? Do your groups only differ on variables of interest to your experiment?
• How will you sample from your groups? What procedure will you use for randomization?
• What statistics will you use? Is your sample size adequate? (If n < 10, it is almost certainly not adequate.)
• Is your methodology presented in sufficient detail that it could be replicated? (You might ask a classmate or friend to read it over before you answer this question.)