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WAC Writing Tasks


Consider the WAC techniques and approaches discussed in the readings and the seminar that you could use in a course you are teaching, will be teaching, or might teach. Think about when, how, and why these techniques might be used in this course. For tomorrow morning, bring in six extra copies of a plan for a key writing task in your class that incorporates some of these WAC approaches. The plan should involve either a regular task that students would engage in at multiple points in the semester or an extended activity (e.g., a series of steps for a major project). You might consider the following questions.

• What are your goals for this activity? How does it fit into the course? The program?
• How would you introduce it?
• What processes and resources would students be expected to use to accomplish the activity?
• What products would students be expected to generate?
• How (and to whom) would the product be communicated?
• How would the product be responded to/assessed? What criteria would you use?

The plan could take the form of an assignment that you would give students, of a plan you would use, or both.