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WAC Seminars and Workshops

Introductory Seminars for Faculty and TAs

The Center regularly offers WAC introductory seminars for faculty and teaching assistants. Two seminars are held for TAs: a two-day seminar in August and a two-day seminar in January, both held just before classes start. Faculty seminars have been held for three days the first week of the summer I term in May or on multiple days across the semester.

Participants receive a small stipend for attending. To see the schedule of seminar dates, please consult the Center calendar. If you are interested in attending a WAC introductory seminar, please contact Debbie Carrier or Paul Prior to register. We also invite you to look at some of the seminar handouts.

WAC II Seminars for Faculty

Periodically, the Center offers follow-up seminars for faculty who have attended WAC introductory seminars. These half-day seminars are opportunities for participants to discuss their implementation of WAC approaches, share the changes they’ve made to their teaching, and expand on topics raised in the WAC introductory seminar. To see the schedule of seminar dates, please consult the Center calendar.

Recent Workshops

The Center regularly offers campus-wide workshops on topics such as teaching ESL writers and source use, citation, and plagiarism. We also frequently collaborate with departments to develop specialized workshops. To arrange a workshop for your program or department, please contact Paul Prior.

Our most recent workshops include the following:




Responding to Students and Their Writing: Encouraging Revision and Learning Campus-wide February 22, 2019
Nouns Are Not Persons, Places, or Things: A Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Workshop on Rethinking Responses to Student Writing Faculty and TAs November 9, 2018
Genre Systems, Invention, and Response Writing and Math Partners at EJP April 25, 2018
Structuring Response Systems for Student Writing Faculty and TAs Oct 24, Oct 26, Oct 31, 2017
Responding to Student Writing in Material Science and Engineering Material Science and Engineering September 2017
Responding to Student Writers in Art and Design Art and Design TAs September 2016

Writing Across Borders: Working with Multilingual/ESL Students in Our Classrooms: A Short Film Viewing & Roundtable Discussion (organized by Yu-Kyung Kang)


April 2014

Student Scientific Writing

Faculty and Graduate Students in ACES (College of ACES Teaching Enhancement Seminar)

March 2014

Source Use, Citation, and Positioning Yourself in the Literature: A Panel Discussion and Workshop (with Business faculty Eric Neuman and Gopesh Anand)

Ph.D. students in the College of Business

October 2013

Thesis and Dissertation Writing

Residents of Sherman Hall

October 2013

Working with ESL Student Writers in Art and Design Courses

Art and Design TAs

September 2013

WAC Seminar for EJP Instructors

Education Justice Project instructors

April and May 2013

Graduate Student Writers in LER: Identifying Needs and Strategies for Support

Faculty in Labor and Employment Relations

April 2013

Writing Your Dissertation: Strategies that Work: A Panel Discussion and Workshop (with Business faculty Jeffrey Loewenstein, Cele Otnes, and Deepak Somaya)

Ph.D. students in the College of Business

March 2013

Working with ESL Student Writers in Your Classes: A Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Workshop


February 2013

Source Use, Citation, and Plagiarism


October 2011


Past Projects

Refiguring Writing in Large Lecture Classes Initiative

In response to increasing class sizes, including those classes that have traditionally had a substantial writing component, in fall 2003 the Center began offering workshops to consider ways in which writing can and cannot be used effectively to enhance teaching and learning in large classes. Topics addressed included reconsidering the purpose of writing, alternative methods of response, and different types of grading.

LAS Teaching Circle on Writing in Large Classes (2004-2005)

The LAS Teaching Circle (2004-2005), facilitated by the Center for Writing Studies and bringing together a number of faculty members in LAS, addressed how writing can be effectively and reasonably used in large classes. It led to two workshops for faculty and teaching assistants in the fall of 2004 and produced a report outlining the group's conclusions and suggestions for writing in large classes.