WAM Showcase

Photo Projects

In this project, students create photos essays through a sequence of images drawing from course material on the persuasive power of imagery, creating a series of images that exemplify the rhetorical principles explored in the readings.

The following links provide examples of student photo projects and their descriptions.

Analise's Roaming Nutcracker image sequence creates a narrative with "Walter" the nutcracker as the main character.

Andrei's “Metamorphosis of Technology: A Digital Experience” is a conceptual image sequence focusing on changes in technology.

Ivan's "China's Creeping Modernization" makes an argument about the quick pace of China's modernization.

Katie's "Return to Conformity" explores the nature of conformity through varied images.

Vince's Sequential Image project considers the representation of race and gender in recent television programs.

Alex's "A Day at the DI" chronicles a typical workday for the Daily Illini newspaper staff.



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