WAM Showcase

Video Projects

This project asks students to work in groups to represent a person or place through video. Students shoot footage and edit two video projects, each representing the subject through a different lens for a different effect. Students use the knowledge gained through the previous units about the rhetorical impact of visual and aural rhetorics to inform their choices for the video project.

"Go Bike!" by Michael and Adam
"Dangerous Transportation" by Julia and Alex
These four students provide different opinions on biking on campus in two different videos.

"Peoria," by Katie
Katie explores different perspectives of her hometown of Peoria.

"Illini Wrestling," by Eric and Seth
Eric and Seth represent the Illinois Wrestling Team in their documentary video.

"Nature Rocks," by Joe and Joe
"The College Life Exposed," by Andrei and John
These four students approach college life and culture from differing perspectives.

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