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Graduate Events Spring 2018

CANCELLED - Graduate Writing Groups
Thur., 6-9pm, 127 English Building
2/1, 2/15, 3/1, 3/15, 3/29, 4/12, 4/26
Fri., 9am-4pm, 251 Undergraduate Library
1/26, 2/9, 2/23, 3/9, 3/30, 4/6, 4/20, 5/4
Sat., 10:30am-1:30pm, 251 UGL
2/3, 2/17, 3/3, 3/31, 4/14, 4/28
Want to meet your writing goals in a distraction-free setting? Join the Writers Workshop for sustained writing in the company of your colleagues from across the disci-plines. Each session will begin with a short conversation about goals and end with a wrap-up of accomplishments. Commit to a writing routine by regularly attending one of these groups, which are held every other week. Please register by clicking the date above if you plan to attend (free and no strings attached!)

Staying on Track with Thesis and Dissertation Writing
Wed., 2/7, 3:30-4:30pm, 1026 Lincoln Hall
Wed., 3/7, 12-1pm, NEW LOCATION - 37 Education Building
Thur., 5/3, 4-5pm, 1020 Lincoln Hall
This workshop will discuss best practices for large writing projects, including tips for getting and staying on track, cultivating effective writing habits, and forming a success-ful writing group. Dissertation and thesis writers from any discipline—and at any stage in the writing process—are welcome.

Developing and Delivering Your First Conference Presentation
Thur., 2/15, 4-5pm, 1057 Lincoln Hall
RESCHEDULED Mon., 3/12, 12-1pm, NEW LOCATION! - 153 Mechanical Engineering Building
Have an upcoming conference presentation? Then this workshop is for you! We will help you figure out what your presentation should (or should not) include; share tips and tricks to engage your audience; and discuss how to present with confidence. This workshop will be most useful to those who have little experience preparing for and pre-senting at conferences, but everyone is welcome.

From Professors to Advisers to Reviewers:Making Sense of Critical Feedback
Wed., 2/21, 12-1pm, 1020 Lincoln Hall
Thur., 4/5, 4-5pm, 1020 Lincoln Hall
Feeling overwhelmed by the critical feedback you're receiving from your professors, advisers, and/or reviewers? This workshop will help you assess, integrate, and respond to critical feedback in the revision process, whether you’re writing for coursework or working on a larger writing project.

Writing a Literature Review
Wed., 3/14, 4-5pm, NEW LOCATION! - 135 Mechanical Engineering Building
Tues., 4/10, 11am—12pm, 1022 Lincoln Hall
Don't know where to start or unsure of how things are coming together in your literature review? This workshop will address the lit review's purpose and provide tips for writing an effective one. Writers from any discipline are welcome.

On the Job Market: Statements of Teaching Philosophy
Thur., 4/12, 4-5pm, 1020 Lincoln Hall
This interactive workshop will review genre expectations for aca-demic statements of teaching philosophy and provide examples from a range of disciplines. We will share strategies for drafting and strengthening your own statement.

On the Job Market: Composing the Academic Cover Letter
Thur., 4/26, 12-1pm, 321 Gregory Hall
This interactive workshop will review genre expectations for aca-demic cover letters and provide examples from a range of disci-plines. We will share strategies for drafting, strengthening, and tailoring your own cover letters.

From Seminar Paper to Publication
Wed., 4/25, 11am-12:30pm, 1020 Lincoln Hall
This workshop will lead you through the process of turning a sem-inar paper or conference paper into a published academic article. The workshop will focus on stages of revision and general expec-tations of publishing in academia.