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Undergraduate Events Fall 2018

Emailing Your Professor and Tips for Pro-fessional Correspondence

Tues, 9/25, 4-5p, 1064 Lincoln Hall

Nervous about emailing your professors? Want to showcase your best self when you follow-up after networking events? Check out this presen-tation on writing appropriate, clear, and rhetori-cally effective professional communication.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Thur, 9/27, 6-7p, 1051 Lincoln Hall
Wed, 11/28, 5-6p, 1024 Lincoln Hall

Tired of those last-minute all-nighters or staring at a blank page to get started on your writing? Join us to learn effective strategies for getting started early and meeting your deadlines as pain-free as possible!

Tutoring Resource Fair

Wed, 10/3, 6-8pm, Undergraduate Library (upper level lobby)

Want to know more about the habits of highly successful students? Join four of our campus tutoring centers – Center for Academic Resources in Engineering, Chemistry Learning Center, OMSA Academic Services Center, and the Writers Workshop – as we celebrate National Tutoring Appreciation Week. Learn about how to use our resources and how to get involved!

Writing Effective Personal Statements

Wed, 10/11, 4-5p, 1051 Lincoln Hall
Tues, 11/13, 4-5p, 1051 Lincoln Hall

Learn how to write an effective personal state-ment, also called an “application essay” or “statement of purpose.” This presentation will re-view successful strategies and help you develop a plan for your own personal statement.

Vocabulary Development and Word Choice

Tues, 10/30, 4-5p, 1051 Lincoln Hall

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t have the right word to say exactly what you want to say? In this workshop, we will talk about strate-gies for building your vocabulary and choosing the right academic word. (This workshop will be useful for both native and non-native speakers of English)

Making Your Sources Work for You: Reading and Integrating Them into Your Work

Thurs, 11/29, 4-5p, 1051 Lincoln Hall

Struggling with effective reading strategies? Not quite sure what to do with different kinds of sources you spent time finding and reading? This presentation re-views tips for reading efficiently and incorporating sources effectively.

Developing Arguments and Revising for the Big Picture

Tues, 12/11, 4-5p, 1051 Lincoln Hall

This presentation will review the basic principles for creating effective thesis statements. It will also help students review common essay structures and strate-gies. You will have the opportunity to put these princi-ples into practice, so bring a current assignment to work on.

The Final Check: Proofreading and Self-Editing Strategies

Mon, 12/3, 5-6p, 1026 Lincoln Hall
Tues, 12/4, 6-7p, 1057 Lincoln Hall

Worried about your editing and proofreading skills? In this workshop, we will help writers develop and prac-tice effective strategies for both. Bring a paper to practice with, or use the exercises provided at the workshop.

Avoiding Plagiarism: Using Sources Effectively

Wed, 12/5, 4-5p, 1064 Lincoln Hall

Worried about accidental plagiarism? This presenta-tion reviews basic techniques for effectively incorpo-rating sources through summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting.

Writing In-Class Essay Exams

Thur, 12/6, 6-7p, 1057 Lincoln Hall

This workshop will focus on how to study for exams, plan your answers, start your essays effectively, and manage your time during exams.