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Writers Workshop


In order to work with a writing consultant, it is recommended that you make an appointment so that you can see a consultant at your convenience. Writers without an appointment are welcome to stop by any Workshop location during open hours to see if a consultant is available.

Schedule your appointment online at or call (217) 333-8796.

Appointment Information

Here is what you need to know about making an appointment:

Group Projects

Appointments for group projects are welcome. Please let us know when you make your appointment: In the box "What would you like to work on?" explain that this is a group project and include the total number of people in the group and the names of those who will be attending the session. At least half the group must be present for a group project appointment.

Ways to Make Your Appointment Successful

To get the most out of a session, we encourage you to schedule appointments as far before the due date of an assignment as you can.

Please bring your assignment sheet with you. It helps our consultants to know the directions and evaluation criteria for an assignment.

Consultants can work with either hardcopy or electronic versions of your work. We strongly encourage you to take notes and make revisions during the session, if you wish.

Writers Workshop Policies

The Writers Workshops' policies were created to best support all the writers who would like to benefit from our services. Because the Writers Workshop is a learning center, our policies are designed to ensure that students experience sessions that will help them gain skills that they can apply on their own in other writing situations. We also strive to uphold (and teach, when applicable) the University's standards for academic integrity.