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Writers Workshop: Teacher Resources

Instructor Support

As an instructor, there are several things you can do to allow the Writers Workshop to help your students most effectively:

If you decide to give students extra credit for coming to the Workshop, we ask that you call or email us to let us know your students will be coming. We ask that you avoid making a Writers Workshop visit a class requirement, motivated by philosophical, pedagogical, and practical concerns. Practically, we cannot accommodate required use of the Workshop. Rather than requiring your students to make an appointment with the Workshop, we encourage you to contact us so that we can provide a tailored in-class presentation to your students. We find that we can accomplish a lot in these large-group formats, and that students are more likely to visit the Workshop after gaining insight into how they can benefit from the one-to-one sessions.

To protect student privacy and authorial agency, we will not monitor, for instructors, those students who have used our services. However, when students tell us that they are visiting the Workshop for extra credit, we will send an extra copy of our end-of-session form to the instructor (students will need to provide the instructor's university email address).

Also remember that faculty are always welcome to come to the Workshop, too!