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Writers Workshop: Teacher Resources

Instructor Support

As an instructor, there are several things you can do to allow the Writers Workshop to help your students most effectively. First and foremost, tell your students about us! You might incoporate the following information into your course syllabus:

The Writers Workshop provides free, one-to-one help to all UIUC writers. The Workshop’s tutors—undergraduate and graduate students from disciplines across campus—can help with any kind of paper, in any class, at any stage of the writing process. Tutors can help students with anything related to their writing, including brainstorming, organizing, grammar, citing sources, and more. Bring a draft to revise or just stop by for help with getting your ideas together. The Workshop has multiple locations and offers both face-to-face and online tutoring. You can schedule a 50-minute appointment or drop by during our walk-in hours in 251 UGL Sun - Thur evenings. The Workshop also sponsors writing groups and provides hands-on presentations about academic writing skills. 

In addition, we're happy to visit your class to talk about the Writers Workshop or to work with you to create a writing-related presentation. Past presentations for undergraduates have included topics such as: integrating and citing sources, revision strategies, preparing for peer review, proofreading and self-editing strategies, writing graduate school personal statements, and more. Past presentations for graduate students have included topics such as: writing the literature review, organizing and staying on track with complex writing processes, incorporating feedback, developing an academic voice, and more. We need two weeks advance notice to schedule these class visits.

Second, you can support your students by building multiple drafts into your writing assignment. This will allow students to come to the Workshop early and return to see us several times before the paper is due. We also encourage instructors to distribute an assignment sheet and tell students to bring it with them to the Workshop. Consultants can most productively help students when they know your expectations for the assignment.

If you decide to give students extra credit for coming to the Workshop, we ask that you call or email us to let us know your students will be coming. At the end of each session, the writer and consultant complete a post-session report form; if you would like "proof of attendance," students can request that the instructor be emailed a copy of the form.

We ask that you avoid making a Writers Workshop visit a class requirement, because we cannot accommodate required use of the Workshop with our current staffing resources. Rather than requiring your students to make an appointment with the Workshop, we encourage you to contact us so that we can provide a tailored in-class presentation to your students. We find that we can accomplish a lot in these large-group formats, and that students are more likely to visit the Workshop after gaining insight into how they can benefit from the one-to-one sessions.

To protect student privacy and authorial agency, we will not monitor, for instructors, those students who have used our services.

Also remember that faculty, staff, graduate students, and post-docs are always welcome to come to the Workshop, too!