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Modern Language Association (MLA): Items in an Anthology

In citing an item in an anthology, begin with the name of the author (last name, first name) followed by a period. The title of the piece comes next, followed by a period. If the piece is an essay, short story, or poem, enclose the title in quotation marks. If it was originally published as a book, such as a play or novel, the title of the piece should be in italics or underlined. The title of the anthology (in italics or underlined) comes next. Include the abbreviation of the function of the person who edited, translated, and/or compiled the work (i.e. "Ed.," "Trans.," "Comp."), and his or her name. This should be followed by the city of publication, a colon, the name of the publisher, a comma and then the year of publication and a period. The final entry should be the page numbers of the entire piece.

For additional information, please see the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (6th edition) and the MLA style website.