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Modern Language Association (MLA): Recordings

With commercial recordings, begin with the name of the contributor being cited. Then cite the title, the artist(s), the manufacturer, the catalog number, and the year of release. When using a medium other than a record, state the medium (eg. CD), immediately after the title.

Underline the title of the record but as in musical compositions, do not underline titles identified by form, number, and key only. If necessary, state at the end of the entry, any relevant characteristics of the recording and whether the recording is no longer available. Cite spoken, non-musical recordings the same way.

For an archival recording, follow the above format and state (in the following order) the date of recording if known, the location and catalog number of the recording and relevant physical characteristics. When citing jacket notes or any text accompanying a recording, state (in the following order), the author's name, the title of the material and a description of the material (e.g. jacket notes) followed by the normal bibliography information mentioned above.

For additional information, please see the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (6th edition) and the MLA style website.